Fantasy Rugby Draft

Game Day Addition


I love Fantasy Rugby Draft.

 I’m useless at it, but I love it nonetheless.

My idea was, and is, a simple one.

A page that I feel is missing, is their Team versus Team option, below called GAME DAY.

Most of us watch a rugby game, and it would be great to see the team versus team page (which then also pips position versus position, such as comparing the flyhalves for a specific match).

This shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, as they have similar matchup screens, where the two players who are against each other are shown head-to-head. 

The one additional extra would be to add the drafting owner of the player in the matchup.


The next design for FRD that I’d like to tackle will be a mockup of a mobile app, or more likely, a mobile-responsive web overhaul.

(I’m completely unaffiliated with the Fantasy Rugby Draft site, and all mockups are purely from my own request. All FRD logos, layout options and copyrights belong to )