CPD:Online is a website that promotes CPD accredited courses.

The team at Full Value Financial Services (https://fullvalue.co.za), required an overhaul of their Online Academy. I did the initial site design for Full Value, moving from a locally hosted server to a new site with Xneelo. As a side project, I wanted to load up their courses on a store front, so that they can start to market their products digitally. 

I created CPD:Online as a proof of concept store (also hosted via Xneelo), which would be able to host multiple providers, and thus give potential learners more than one solution to get their CPD points via online platforms. Full Value currently runs their courses via Moodle, which I set up for them as well (https://cpdo.co.za/fva).

This is a replication of the page, as of July 2020.